Lumos - Your Game Analytics Service

For the last half year I've been working with a team on a new service that's launching today called Lumos ( Lumos provides game developers with an extremely useful analytics system that is very simple to use. In fact, it's almost entirely automated. At the moment we completely support the Unity game engine, with support for other engines currently in the works. Oddly enough there really doesn't seem to be any decent analytics services available for game developers at the moment. So I encourage you to check it out and give your input on the website or contact me directly.

Starting today, Lumos is in a free beta period. We are awaiting floods of data to best determine a pricing strategy based on our server costs. But we will be offering a free version of the service after the beta as well. So there is no harm checking it out now. In the coming months there will be several major feature releases that are very awesome, and once those have been rolled out we will move towards the full release.

Here is a brief summary of major features in Lumos. For an in-depth look at the features you can go here.

  • Remote Logging records run-time logs such as debug, warning, and error logs that occur while your users play the game. You can tell when an error happened, how often, and even read the stack trace.
  • System Information from your player's device is recorded so you can better understand your audience. Get information such as their operating system, graphics card type, and the amount of RAM they have.
  • Player Base and Engagement information helps you know how many people play your game, how many new players you have each day, and much more to come in the future.
  • Player Feedback allows you to have players submit suggestions and bug reports directly to you, right from within the game. You can even reply to the messages right from the Lumos website.

I'd also like to take this time to thank the team behind the game Aurora for helping us with our initial testing. Not only were they a great help but it's awesome to know that we're a part of a terrific game like theirs.