New Development Blog

Coder Brad For the past few months I've been slowly transforming this site into a development blog. Articles can be linked to individually, the main feed is now paginated, and most recently I added an RSS Feed. From now on I'll be posting about my game design and programming experiences and opinions. My current job has put me through a lot of challenges with Unity3D, Flash, and other technologies like PHP, JavaScript, databases, and Unix based operations. All of which have been in some shape or form tied into making social games for Facebook and other social networks.

I have a unique experience at my job because I'm not actually making a game, but rather creating libraries for game engines and web APIs to help countless game developers make games. I talk to many developers and get to witness first hand what does and doesn't work on the social web when it comes to deploying your awesome game. So it's my goal to use this blog to share the benefits of what I learn and experience in regards to these technologies, game designs, and practices. On the side I'm always working on a project or two, I'll be sure to mention and demo those projects here as well.