Global Game Jam 2010

Global Game Jam Logo Two weekends ago I participated in Global Game Jam Vancouver, a 48 hour game contest held at UBC. After being teamed up with some friends, we desiged a game with the intention of using the dimeRocker platform I've been helping create a work. This meant we'd use the Unity game engine and deploy it on Facebook.

It was an intense 48 hours for me, being the only programmer in the group. But by the end of the weekend we had a working protoype with a few visual bugs. Our group was pleased with our work and plan on fixing it up to be a polished game that will take full advantage of the dimeRocker platform.

I went to Global Game Jam last year as well. Both times have been an excellent experience. I recommend any artists, game designers or programmers check it out next year. It's great for testing your abilities to scope a project and work with a team under extreme time constraints. Both of which are challenges everyone in the game industry deals with on a regular basis.